My Curriculum Vitae Website

The story behind how Adli Hadiyan Munif's Curriculum Vitae Website was built...
My Curriculum Vitae Website, built by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
My Curriculum Vitae Website, built by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
Published first time on 24 (?) June 2021, and has been updated for more information and details since.
Published first time on 24 (?) June 2021, and has been updated with more information and details since.

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


  • The website was built for myself. I planned to make my job application files, such as my résumé, my curriculum vitae, my projects, my works and my portfolio became available online, so there will be a wider opportunity for me to looking for job...
  • Honestly as I tried to built these website (my job application websites and other websites), I do feel scared and concerned whether all of these efforts just gonna be fruitless as usual... But...
  • Anyway, as I have said before, the main purpose is to make every job application files that I have gonna be available to public interactively, but I made the offline version too which accessible by public through each website – for résumé, curriculum vitae and portfolio only. But the portfolio website is still on development as I wanted to post every artworks/works/outputs in these projects and works website first, before sorting out everything to my portfolio website and pdf version.
  • For Curriculum Vitae website, I use Blanter Profile theme by Rio Ilham Hadi. The theme supposed to have five tabs, but I tweaked it to become three tabs only as I am not gonna post any blog posts on that website.
  • For this work, I used following:

Live Preview of The Website

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Demo Video

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Extended Documentation

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My Curriculum Vitae Website - Skills tab, full page My Curriculum Vitae Website - Work History and Projects tab, full page