About Me

Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️

I am Adli Hadiyan Munif, known as Adli.

Welcome to my "Projects' Website". 🙋🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

With this website, I am gonna show you my artwork(s), or work(s) or any output(s) that I have created from various projects, since 2014 or 2015-ish, until now (I recently had my laptop broke up, like completely gone, so I could only tried to save some that is still salvageable from various accounts that I have). I run this website and other websites too, or basically every website in this domain, by myself. So… Welcome, once again 🙋🏻‍♂️ 

Also as the purpose of this website is to show-off everything that I have done, I am gonna try to be "raw and real", and you are probably gonna saw some behind the scene, understand some implied stories, and many other things that is not unveiled yet till now. Plus I hope that you will see as years goes by, how my skills actually improved (at least in my point of view).

I hope you will enjoy this website, and probably share this website too if you like any posts that I have posted here. Along with previous statement, I am gonna update this website continuously, as long as I receive any projects opportunities or to worked for.  Also, I am gonna write the contents in English within this website, and I have no plan yet to translate everything to Indonesian.

In case you were wondering what do I use to built this website with, I use:
- Google Workspace and Google Domains for the platform.
- Blogger for the Website Builder.
- Fletro v6 for the theme.

To respect personal rights and any sensitive information, I have blurred some personal infos and sensitive informations in these websites. I have also watermarked every documentations here.

There are basically no ads in this website, as I am struggled to get Google Ads to verified my domain, so I decided to not continuing my verification process. But, I do placed some widgets in the left-bottom corner (Ko-Fi) and right-bottom corner (Buy Me A Coffee) in case any of my visitors wanted to support me through some donations. Both of the widgets are targeted for international visitors, as it use USD as the currency. You could donate as little as USD 3 through this platform. For local (from Indonesia) visitors, I have prepared three widgets or buttons to support me too (in case you wanted too) in the sidebar. There are Saweria, and Nih Buat Jajan. You could donate as little as IDR 5.000 through this platform.
The navigation in this website is simple, there are only four main parts, which is:
  • Header, which consists of:
    • Main menu
    • Sub-main menu
      • Here you can see categories of various projects that I have created till now.
      • In short, I divided it into ten (10) main categories, which consists of:
      • CategoriesPurpose
        Brand/IdentityTo show-off any logo(s), or favicon(s), or header(s) that I have created.
        CalligraphyTo show-off any calligraphy(ies) that I have created.
        DocsTo show-off any doc(s), or sheet(s), or slide(s), or receipt(s), or invoice(s) that I have created.
        KitTo show-off any kit(s), or accessory(ies), for seminar(s), or conference(s), or event(s), or even game that I have created.
        MerchandiseTo show-off any cloth(es), design(s), or gift(s), or prize(s), or certificate(s) that I have created.
        MiscellaneousTo show-off any artworks, or works, or outputs that is not belong to any other categories listed here.
        PromotionTo show-off any banner(s), or poster(s), or infographic(s) or any other promotion materials that I have created.
        PublicationTo show-off any book(s), or compilation(s), or guidebook(s), or cover(s), or any publications that I have created.
        Video/Live EventTo show-off any video(s) that I have created, or any live event(s) that I have managed.
        WebsiteTo show-off any website(s) that I have created and built.

  • Sidebar, which consists of:
    • About Me, which shows of who I am, shortly. There is some social media accounts too if you hover at my profile picture.
    • Popular Artworks or Works, which will show five most visited artworks or works that I have posted in this website.
    • Status, to shows the progress toward any artworks or works. Will consists of three statuses, which is: Finished (project(s) that is finished already), Ongoing (project(s) that are still ongoing currently), or Canceled (project(s) that is cancelled).
    • Categories, to shows any categories that my artworks or works belongs to.
    • For Whom, to shows who the projects is or are for. Will consists of three categories, which is: Private (for myself), Individual (for any individuals who asked me to do the projects), or Team (for any team(s) who asked me to do the projects).
    • Support Me, which consists of some images toward other websites which you can use to support me.
  • Footer, which consists of:
    • Site identity and some social media buttons.
    • Job Websites, which consists of some links toward my other job application websites.
    • My Other Websites, which consists of some links toward my other websites.
    • Subscribe Area, which you can use to input your email account(s) to receive any notification if I update this website in the future. As for now, the button doesn't seem to work, so I am gonna solve this problem later on...
And... That's it from me.
Thank you for reading this page, and in case you have any questions or anything at all, you can reach me from any platform that I am on, through this page: Contact Me.

See you. 🙋🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️