Manuscript Review Steps for Reviewers of Edukimia Journal

The story behind "Tahapan-Tahapan Review Naskah di Situs Jurnal Edukimia" video.
Manuscript Review Steps for Reviewers of Edukimia Journal
Manuscript Review Steps for Reviewers of Edukimia Journal.
This video was published first on YouTube on 21 Sep 2020.
This video is part of a project: Journal Grant, or Hibah Jurnal in Indonesian. This is the second consecutive year that Edukimia succeeded on acquiring this grant.

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


    As this project occured during my Editor position in Edukimia, this post has been cross-posted to my Works' website too.

  • In general, the grant named Journal Grant, which aimed to facilitate and improve the quality of journals throughout Universitas Negeri Padang. There are various scheme available, and 2020 is the second year of Edukimia receiving another grant, with different scheme.
  • With this grant, Edukimia has organised various programs and events, and this is one of the outputs from the grant.
  • The video was produced as video-guide for reviewers.
  • The video was recorded in Chemistry Department Office, Universitas Negeri Padang. I only used the laptop, and ShareX to record everything in one-take.
  • The video using Indonesian as it's main language. There are no subtitle or further editing process done to the video, so it's just raw and one-take. 😬✌🏻
  • As this video included some private and sensitive information, I decided not to show the video in this website.

  • For this video, I used following:
    • Software:
      • ShareX for screen recording.
    • Services:
      • YouTube for uploading and sharing the videos freely.