Webinar for Prospective Authors toward Edukimia Journal 2020

The story behind Webinar for Prospectus Authors toward Edukimia Journal 2020.
YouTube thumbnail for live event of Webinar Prospectus Authors Edukimia 2020
YouTube thumbnail for live event of Webinar Prospectus Authors Edukimia 2020.
The event was livestreamed for public via YouTube on 04 Oct 2020.
The webinar was the main event of Edukimia Webinar Series, for Prospectus Authors.

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


    As this project occured during my Editor position in Edukimia, this post has been cross-posted to my Works' website too.

  • The webinar was the main event of Edukimia Webinar Series toward Prospectus Authors 2020.
  • The program begin with some training which organised online via Google Suite for all prospectus authors toward Edukimia Journal. The training covered materials that will be helpful for prospective authors, for example how to submit new submission, and more. Then in the end, this live event, is the main event as it scheduled in the finale day in the series of events. In the live event, there is a speaker too from Edukimia's Editorial Board, also Q&A session for participants who wanna ask any questions to the speaker.
  • This program (the training till the live event), is part of various events in Journal Grant scheme which granted to Edukimia again in 2020.
  • For this event, I used following:
    • Hardware:
      • Another monitor, which I connected through HDMI cable. Without this monitor, I don't think the live was possible...
    • Software:
      • vMix for virtual (?) mixing various sources such as videos, audios, screens, title screens, and many more.
      • Adobe Illustrator for designing thumbnail, frame, and title screen used in the live event.
    • Services:
      • YouTube for livestreaming the event.
      • Google Meet for online meeting with all reviewer throughout the country (Indonesia).
    • Resources:

Instagram Post

This is promotion post of the event on the official Instagram account of Edukimia.
P.S: The media wasn't made by me, but someone else in the team. I only posted the media to the official account.

This one is a post after the live event successfully held.

Rerun of Livestream Event

You can watch the rerun livestream event through this embedded YouTube video from my channel below 😃

Extended Documentation

Will be updated later. I haven't watermarked the images, yet.😅✌🏻

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