The Opening and Keynote Session of (The 1st) ICChSE 2020

The story behind The Opening and Keynote Session of (The 1st) International Conference on Chemistry and Science Education (ICChSE) 2020.
YouTube thumbnail for live event of Opening and Keynote Session of ICChSE 2020
YouTube thumbnail for live event of Opening and Keynote Session of ICChSE 2020. The event was livestreamed for public via YouTube on 06 Aug 2020.
This is my second time contributing (?) as part of the organiser (?) or probably not a contributor? in an academic conference..

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    As this project occured during my Administrator position in Chemistry Department, this post has been cross-posted to my Works' website too.

  • As I've said before, this is my second time contributing in this kind of event, which is an academic conference. Previously, I contributed as part of the committee in ICOMSET 2018, and it's clear that I am one of the committee on that event. But this one is... I don't know? Like I just didn't think I am actually included in the committee or not. I think I am not, though... But, I did included in this event in the end... So...
  • This is my first time too organising a live event, which gonna be broadcasted worldwide through YouTube and the preparation process is super.... short. At least in my opinion. If my memory is correct, I (with other people in the team) only have probably... less than two weeks to prepare everything.... Ha... Imagine the pressure at that time... 🤦🏻‍♂️ I mean... This is my first time ever... I have no comparison yet as to which software I should use, which hardward I should choose from, which platform I should used, and endless questions basically. But... Life goes on... So... (ノへ ̄、)
  • Anyway, even though it was short, but I did prepared my best, like preparing some....
    • Appearance lists (you can see the papers that I made in the documentation below). This is so useful at least for me, so I knew which camera/video source I need to choose, which transition I need to click, and more.
    • My friend also helped me finding some good free copyright musics which available freely through YouTube a night before. Thank you 🙇🏻‍♂️
  • At last, I also think the live event was a success as it broadcasted smoothly at that time ಥ_ಥ There are no prominent mistakes or problems occured aside from some small misunderstanding during broadcasting, but all in all everything goes well (at least from my side)  ┗( T﹏T )┛
  • For the thumbnail, I'm not the one who designed the thumbnail if I remember it correctly. The other person in the team did that.
  • For this live event, I used following:
    • Hardware:
      • A DSLR Camera... But I forgot the type and brand that I used.
        • We did borrowed two other cameras with it's accessories, but ended up using only one at that time, and decided to save the other as a backup plan.
      • A wired microphone.
      • Another monitor, which I connected through HDMI cable. Without this monitor, I don't think the live was possible...
    • Software:
      • vMix for virtual (?) mixing various sources such as videos, audios, screens, title screens, and many more.
      • Microsoft Powerpoint for designing some graphics quickly around that time... Right...?
    • Services:
      • YouTube for livestreaming the event.
      • Zoom for rebroadcasting the event to participants, but I am not the one who did this so...
      • Google Meet for online meeting with all keynote speakers throughout the world. The speakers was from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. (。﹏。*)
    • Resources:
      • I use some musics too in the livestream but... I forgot who to credit... In short my friend helped me chose the musics from YouTube Free Copyright Music a night before. Thank you, once again..... 🙇🏻‍♂️

Rerun of Livestream Event

You can watch the rerun livestream event through this embedded YouTube video from my channel below 😃

Extended Documentation

To see each images clearly, please do right-click, and open the image in the new tab. Thank you. 🙇🏻‍♂️

This image taken during keynote speakers session if I'm not mistaken... This image taken on the morning, before the event started... Laptop that I used during the events and some of my stuffs near the laptop.
Last checking in the morning probably before the event start...
Me directing (?) the event, in the early part of the opening session

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