The Official Website of The 2nd ICChSE 2021

The 2nd ICChSE Website Development Story, by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
Homepage of The 2nd ICChSE 2021 by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
Homepage of The 2nd ICChSE 2021 by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
The website published for public access first time on 09 May 2021, and has been updated for more information and details since.
The website published for public access first time on 09 May 2021, and has been updated for more information and details since.

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


  • The website was built for The 2nd ICChSE 2021. I was asked to join the committee (or the team (?)) in February 2021, and throughout these months I tried various softwares and options to built the website, but ended up using ProcessWire.
  • By ProcessWire, I was able to find a good conference site-profile, which made by @duerrsimon, then he published this profile onto his github. As the site profile is licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0, I then decided to proceed to use this site-profile and spend my time tweaking and learning here and there.
  • In the end, the website was published for the first time for public on 09 May 2021, and has been updated with various information and details since. Last time it was updated was Monday, 19 July 2021, to extend the YouTube Link Submission. Friday, 23 July 2021, to embed video submission guideline.
  • Throughout the building process I was... kinda lost honestly. I basically worked by myself, and no one that I feel I could actually talked or share the problems which lies in my head around that time. The main problem that I faced at that time was some tweaking that is fruitless in my end, such as:
    • I couldn't tweaked the schedule page. I have added the submission like duerrsimon instructed in the github, but it still doesn't appear on the schedule page... I have tried tweaking the original file in through FTP, but it still fruitless 😭 I give up in the end then...
    • I also couldn't tweaked the poster page. At first, it does showed some example. But toward the end there are some problems appeared such as the pagination becomes thousands (?), and no poster showed anymore. I give up too in the end... 😔
  • But aside from these minor problems, I still decided to use this site profile as it's super light and fast, and safe too in my opinion. I could tweak other setting freely, and would like to learn more... But I don't think now is the right time to do so.
  • Anyway, aside from building (or tweaking, probably more correct) the website, I built or developed the registration workflow (?) too by myself using Google Suites. I am gonna explain more about this later on another post in this website. Stay tune ✌🏻
  • For this work, I used following:
    • Software:
      • FileZilla for organizing the files, such as downloading, uploading the files and folders to FTP server.
      • Sublime Text, as text editor.
      • XAMPP to test various Conference Management System (CMS) in local environment firstly before moving it into the FTP server.
      • ShareX for screenshot-ting some images.
      • Microsoft OneNote for note-taking, writing down any inspiration or thoughts that I have for this project, also brainstorming session.
    • Services:
      • Google Sheets, for the database, then showing the participants list and the map on the "Participants" page.
      • Google Forms, for registration. Cause I was concerned that the prospective registrar could register themselves, but couldn't submit their submission later on, which could lead to more and more problems which I probably couldn't fixed in the near future. 
      • VCMS site profile, of course. Without these site profile, I couldn't imagine what the website will looks like at this moment... You could check the repo on his github, the demo website of VCMS, his own conference website (1) and his own conference website (2).
      • ProcessWire, as the platform (?) to built the website, and the base for these site-profile.
      • Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to track visitors behaviour. For development purpose only, I think as for now...

Live Preview of The Website

Unfortunately, it looks like the server implied 'X-Frame Options' to 'SAME ORIGIN', which means the server disallowed loading of the resource in an iframe outside of the domain. I concluded this information based on these answers from the internet (first answer and second answer) and based on the experience on w3school website.

But, you could visit this link to see the live preview of the website at this moment. Or you could see the following demo video that I recorded on Wednesday, 21 July 2021.

Demo Video

Extended Documentation

To see each images clearly, please do right-click, and open the image in the new tab. Thank you. 🙇🏻‍♂️

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