#MyRamadhanJourney - 02. Bapak Masnal Jazuli - Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat, Padang

Ramadhan religious lecture by Pak Masnal Jazuli, 06 May 2019.
Ramadhan religious lecture from Bapak Masnal Jazuli. Published first on YouTube, on 07 May 2019.
Ramadhan religious lecture from Bapak Masnal Jazuli (Prof. Dr. H. Masnal Jazuli, MA)
This recording was published first on YouTube on 07 May 2019.
This recording is second part of my own project, named #MyRamadhanJourney, which got scrapped off after the second one.....

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


  • This video was produced for my own project, entitled #MyRamadhanJourney, which lasted for two videos only... 😔
  • The project was aimed to improve my ramadhan worship night routine. So I was planning to go to various mosques in Padang, West Sumatra on that period. But due to limited funding and devices, I decided to srapped off the projects, which lasted only for two videos... And that's it... 😔
  • The workflow for the project is simple. I just need to come to the mosque, record the audio from religious lecture on that night, then take some photos before I went home. The production process then continued in my home.
  • The recording took place at Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat, Padang, West Sumatra at 06 May 2019.
  • All of the work was done in Padang, Indonesia.
  • After this one, I have recorded the ramadhan religious lecture in Masjid Muhammadan, Padang, West Sumatra, but the recording is... broken, I believe. I probably only have some photos that I took, and have shared to my Google Local Guide profile...
  • All of the work was done in Padang, Indonesia.
  • For this video, I used following:
    • Software:
      • Adobe Lightroom for enhancing the quality of the photos.
      • Adobe Illustrator for placing some texts and icons.
      • Adobe Audition to improve audio quality (such as cleaning noises, improving levels, and others)
      • Adobe Premiere Pro for producing videos.
      • I used a not-built-in-software to record the audio at that time, but I forgot the name...
    • Resources:
      • All the photos in the videos was taken by myself. The audio was recorded by me too.
      • For icons... I forgot on where I take it from... For the fonts, I forgot what kind of font that I used on that time. But I think it must be Roboto Condensed, at least one of the font that I used. I forgot about these details cause my laptop got completely broken this early 2021, which resulted with all of my data is gone... completely from the hard disk.

Published Video

You can watch the video that I have published through this embedded YouTube video below 😃